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Cities in The world is ever-changing each minute, though sometimes it’s laborious to note it. some of the world’s most famous cities have modified drastically over the decades. for instance, a touch bit over 50 years agone, Dubai was simply a tiny city, whereas nowadays, it’s one of the most progressive cities within the world.

Geek Eve Team collected photos of many cities taken from a similar angle in numerous time periods to show you ways a lot of they’ve changed.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cities© Marc Ferrez / Wikimedia Commons   © Rafael Rabello de Barros / Wikimedia Commons

Seoul, South Korea

Cities© Wikimedia Commons   © Max Pixel  

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Cities© Wikimedia Commons   © Wikimedia Commons 

New York, USA

Cities© Internet Archive Book Images / Wikimedia Commons   © depositphotos
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